Advanced Modelling and Simulation

Advanced Modelling and Simulation

Pöyry's powerful new modelling and simulation services are transforming energy, industry and infrastructure engineering. Now you can ‘virtually visualise heat and fluid flow scenarios - that were only speculated before!’

Your challenge
You need to validate new concepts, reduce error margins or increase your operational efficiency and thus secure a sustainable future. These are just a few of the challenges for which the «Advanced Modelling and Simulation» service can offer a solution.


Features of the service
Building on the latest digital techniques and Computer Aided Engineering solutions, Pöyry's AMS service is enabled by the powerful fluid-flow simulation platform, TransAT. TransAT delivers accurate, multi-dimensional and transient process predictions with a wide range of applications across energy, industry and infrastructure sectors.

  • Highly flexible platform: use to create and tailor your unique scenario and to your needs
  • Straightforward to model your scenario with an intuitive user interface
  • Compelling way to illustrate complex scenarios thanks to the visually engaging 3D outputs
  • Software is supported by Pöyry's team of specialists who understand your specific challenges
  • Full training and support options for clients who wish to run the software themselves

Your key benefits

  • Better informed decisions - earlier on: by simulating your initial feasibility study and proof of concept, you get vital upfront insight needed to support investment decisions.
  • Maximise efficiency and reliability: by validating new ideas and improving designs, or retro-fitting existing assets.
  • Reduce risk, saving time and money: conduct virtual simulations of real life scenarios in less time and at a fraction of the cost of ‘real’ Laboratory experiments.

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