Digital logistics solution for Switzerland

Cargo Sous terrain: Digital logistics solution for Switzerland

Pöyry is dedicated to an accelerated digital logistics solution for Switzerland and joins the board of directors of Cargo sous terrain Ltd.

The digital end-to-end logistics system
Cargo sous terrain (CST) is an automated, digitally controlled end-to-end system which will connect more than 80 logistics hubs for industry and commerce and provide environmentally friendly local distribution in cities and industrial areas. By shifting freight transport to a tunnel system, the number of heavy trucks on existing traffic routes will be reduced by 40%. The largely automated city logistics system reduces delivery traffic in cities by up to 30%. CST is operated entirely with renewable energy. Upon completion, around 10 million people will benefit from the overall system, which will promote Switzerland's economic competitiveness and quality of life in the long term.

The next step towards implementation is the adoption of the CST federal law. The law will set the framework for the construction of the underground tunnels and the above-ground access points (hubs) and define the cooperation with the participating cantons and municipalities. The CST law is a prerequisite for the start of construction of the first section, which is scheduled for 2025.

From Cargo Tube to Cargo sous terrain
Pöyry already supported the innovative large-scale project during the pioneering phase under the name Cargo Tube and carried out initial preliminary studies on the feasibility of the construction. A comprehensive feasibility study was completed in 2015 and confirmed the technical and economic feasibility of the project. Pöyry is a trusted partner for today's Cargo sous terrain Ltd. with its multidisciplinary teams and broad-based know-how in the fields of tunnel construction, environment, transport & technology, energy as well as digital topics.

Pöyry joins CST's Board of Directors
As one of the first shareholders, Pöyry Schweiz Ltd. was admitted to the Board of Directors of CST AG in December 2018. Marcel Winter, Managing Director of Pöyry Schweiz Ltd.:

The digital holistic logistics system CST is an opportunity to find a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for the increase in road and rail traffic. Pöyry contributes with our extensive experience in key infrastructure construction and our digital services will add value to the CST project.

Did you know?

Pöyry has many years of experience in energy issues and infrastructure projects in over 50 countries worldwide and has been involved in numerous transport infrastructure projects over the past 10 years. These include well-known projects such as the Lausanne railway station, the Diameter Line and the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

The tunnel gets smart: through the systematic use of sensors and the recording of key figures, you can now see in a tunnel without being in a tunnel. This reduces time, resources and costs and makes it possible to maintain investments while guaranteeing the highest safety standards. For further information: